Hi, I’m Gwen.

Web writer for business owners who want to connect with their best-fit customers.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve begun to realize the words on your website aren’t reflecting who you really are.

Or you’re about to launch your new website, but you’re staring at a bunch of Lorem Ipsum boxes with no time to fill them.

Which means you’re in the right place. I’ve been a professional writer for more than 15 years, so I’ve written a few words.

In fact, I’ve helped dozens of clients in government, business and highly regulated industries translate their expertise into web content, brochures, news releases, media interviews, ads, articles and speeches.

Much of this work I did while working in PR, until I decided to specialize in copywriting.

How do you go from PR spokesperson to copywriter?

Working to deliver good and bad news to journalists, I learned a thing or two about words.

I LOVED helping my clients find the right words, even with only 30 seconds on TV to get it across. But after more than a decade behind a megaphone, I had to slow down and recharge from running on all that adrenaline.

So instead of crafting sound bites for thousands, I help you step into the conversation your customer needs to have with you, to know you’re the perfect fit for them.

“For me the mental relief of passing the copy on to Gwen was huge.” 

I wanted to make sure my message was clear and concise. I also wanted to make sure I was speaking in a way that helped people see the value in what they were considering purchasing.  

For me the mental relief of passing that task on to Gwen was huge. I was able to tell her what I needed and then work on other things in my business while she worked on the copy. 

I really appreciated the questions and reflections at the beginning of our time together. I think it helped me get more clear on who my ideal client was and what I wanted to say to her. 

Kaye Burrows

Founder, Core Love

Topics and sectors I’ve written for

Here’s a sample of topics I’ve been trusted with  – some in copywriting, some in PR. There are many more I would relish the opportunity to write about.


  • Home furnishings
  • Travel agent services
  • Custom metal driveway gates
  • Pelvic physiotherapy
  • Fitness for your core
  • Dog care

Municipal & School

  • Air quality monitoring
  • School boards & divisions
  • Drainage
  • Environment – doing your part
  • Urban Planning
  • Taxation


  • Consumer affairs
  • Driver’s licencing and registries
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Income support policy
  • K to 12 and post-secondary education
  • Privacy legislation

When my brain needs a rest…

I get my hands in the dirt. As in, my 4 perennial beds in need of constant care from drought, extreme heat, weeds, bugs and harsh winters. Where’s that? I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada, which means I can sit in my garden with my coffee from May to September.

When the wind and the snow blow in, I try to take winter walks especially in our city’s ravines. -30 Celsius doesn’t necessarily stop me.

Otherwise, I’m sitting by the fire watching British TV mysteries with my husband, and being a mom to my two girls.

Want to work together?