Hi, my name is Gwen Vanderdeen-Paschke. Pleased to meet you!

So who am I really?

I’m a copywriter who started off in PR.

This means I wrote widely. Press releases, speeches, website content, brochures, email. And I’m dating myself, but even good old-fashioned articles placed in newspapers.

I fell in love with copywriting the day I got to brainstorm the perfect headline for a health care program.

It wasn’t getting many sign-ups even though a lot of people needed it.

Scribbling on my notepad, zooming in to imagine the families who needed this… well, it transported me. I wondered how to get into a role that allowed me to do more of this.

In fact, here’s a snapshot of the fruit of that labour…

I’ve never stopped being proud of it.


What does this mean for you?

I’ve been writing professionally for 15+ years because I like nothing better than helping people find the right words.

But this isn’t something I do in the dark without your input. My promise is to listen well to your expertise. And then use mine to unearth the gems for your clients. 

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter who:

  • Enjoys helping you uncover your best message
  • Knows how to connect to your readers so your copy gets noticed and read
  • Can manage your writing project in a way that keeps you in the loop but not overwhelmed
  • Understands the role of design so your hard-won copy doesn’t get lost in the shuffle

You’re in the right place. I’d love to get to know you better.

I wanted to make sure I was speaking in a way that helped people see the value in what they were considering purchasing. For me the mental relief of passing that task on to Gwen was huge.

I really appreciated the questions and reflections at the beginning of our time together. I think it helped me get more clear on who my ideal client is and what I wanted to say to her.

Kaye Burrows

Founder, Core Love

To niche – or not?

Here’s a sample of topics I’ve been trusted with over the last 15 years – some in copywriting, some in PR. There are many more I would relish the opportunity to write about.

  • Travel agent services
  • Custom metal driveway gates
  • Pelvic physiotherapy
  • Fitness for your core
  • Music for young children
  • Dog care
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Drainage in your city
  • Environment – doing your part
  • How urban planning works
  • Consumer affairs
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Income support programs
  • K to 12 and post-secondary education
  • Privacy laws

On a personal note

I’m an Alberta girl. I grew up in southern Alberta’s farm country. Then I decided to seek adventure and move to central Alberta. Wink.

I live in Edmonton with my husband, 2 daughters and my cat named Chester.

When I need a break from my computer, my favourite thing is to sit in my garden with a strong coffee and soak in the sunshine… OK, it’s Canada, so only from May to September.

When the snow swirls outside, I try to take winter walks especially in our city’s ravines. -30 Celsius doesn’t necessarily stop me.

And it’s cliché, but I don’t know if I’d be much of a writer if I wasn’t a complete bookworm.

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