You want your website to help you stand out.

But your copywriting isn’t clear on why people should pick your business.

Let’s change that.

I’m Gwen. Pleased to meet you.

“Gwen was committed to making my wishes and hopes a reality.”

Gwen helped me rewrite the copy for our new website, and I’m so glad I had her expert help. She was thorough in her work, open to feedback and it really felt like she was committed to making my wishes and hopes a reality.

Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Owner, Nurturance Health

Make your website the best version of your business it can be.

Even if you’re at the top of your game… an expert in your field… you offer a perfect product/market fit… chances are, your website doesn’t make that clear.

Or it does to some extent. But you look the same as everyone else. Your perfect prospect trying to decide between your business and another can’t see why you’re better.

You’ve struggled to figure out what messages you need, in what order, to say how your brand is different.

I’m here to help you achieve that clarity, so more people understand why your offer is great for them.

Then your website can start to pull its full weight in your marketing.

Are you ready to improve your website message?


Ways I can help you complete your website toolkit


Web Copy - #1 Service

Working on a new website and need help structuring your content? Not sure how to improve your homepage? Or what your web visitors care about? I’ll help you map out your content and write clear copy that connects to their needs and desires.


Lead Magnets

Tired of trying to figure out what your freebie offer should be? Or you know what your people need, but cringe at the thought of sitting down to create it? I can help you create easy and useful information that compels your ideal clients to take the next step.


Case Studies

Do your prospects need to know more about the “how” of working with you? Or the step-by-step results your product provides? I’ll interview your best customers to get the full story, in their words, on how your product or service delivers.

Looking for something else? No prob.

Reach out anyway and tell me more about your needs. 

How does it work?

You booked your no-strings-attached call, we found we’re a good fit and reached an agreement… now we dig in.

We begin with a detailed brief and research

This is a crucial stage because it’s really hard to create great copy that captures your value without it.

The brief digs into your priorities, goals and struggles. I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your products, services and customers. 

Then I’ll supplement with my own research of your industry and competitors.

I write your copy while you do what you love

Research and brief in hand, it’s time for me to write. You’ll receive a 1st draft of your copy after 2 to 4 weeks.

Give me your honest feedback – I can take it! Revisions are normal and expected to make your copy your own. 

*With case studies, this part of the process looks different because I interview your customer to produce the 1st draft. Questions? Ask away.

Review and make your copy fully yours

Your project includes 2 rounds of revisions, to give us plenty of scope to produce a final draft.

With each draft, you have 14 days to get back to me with your feedback.

This help us both stay focused on your project and get it done faster.

Once you approve your copy, I do a final proofread… and it’s ready to upload.


I’m Gwen Vanderdeen-Paschke (aka Gwen with the long last name!). I help businesses improve their web messaging, so their websites help them rather than hold them back.

I started writing professionally more than 15 years ago in the field of PR, where you learn to be sound-bite clear and not tongue-tied in the news.

In the process, I discovered how much I love working with clients – like YOU – who are passionate about your work, but struggle to put words to what your customers need to hear most.

I help you figure out what resonates with your customers and what doesn’t – and put that insight to work for you in your web copy, case studies, lead magnets and other copy.

“Gwen made the process of getting a case study done very easy.”

As owners of a raw dog food distribution business we hear customer success stories a lot and some are very impactful.

But we are caught up in the day to day of operating the business. Our strength isn’t in capturing those stories and using them effectively to help other potential customers.

Gwen’s ability to work with our customer in capturing her story will be invaluable to others thinking of switching from kibble to raw.

Our customers matter to us so passing them to someone outside our business to share their experience was a little nerve wracking. Gwen made the process of getting a case study done very easy.

Joy Monsma

Owner, Grand Dog Essentials