Website and Case Study Copywriting for Small Business

I help you connect with your customers using the right words

If your copywriting is giving you a headache…

I’m here to help.

Maybe you’ve been writing your own copy for a long time, but sitting down to it at the end of your day is getting old.

Or, even though you know your business inside and out, you have the nagging feeling your copy isn’t resonating with customers as well as it could be.

That’s where I come in.

As your copywriter, I will help you:

  • Rediscover your best messages.
  • Speak to your prospects in a way that makes them say, “This is exactly what I need.
  • AND ensure your copy still sounds like YOU.

All this without you burning the midnight oil and second-guessing your drafts.

Now you can get your copy written while you run your business doing what you love.


Gwen helped me rewrite the copy for our new website, and I’m so glad I had her expert help.

I really valued her attention to detail. Gwen was thorough in her work, open to feedback and it really felt like she was committed to making my wishes and hopes a reality.

Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Owner, Nurturance Health

Copywriting services


Website Copy

You want your website to get noticed and read.

Even better, responded to with a phone call, a sign up or a purchase.

How about a website that answers all the questions people ask, to save you a boatload of time?

I take a magnifying glass to your customer’s pains, wants and way with words to get your website talking the same language.

You have a great product or service already. I help you light it up so people see it.


Case Studies

Take things up a notch with customer success stories told in the words of your happy clients.

I interview a customer you choose and write about how they’re in a better situation now than they were before they found you.

If you have a process that isn’t easily explained, case studies help your prospects picture through vibrant story how your product or service benefits them.

Publish your case study as a success story on your website.

And repackage it for your blog, email or social media channels.

In the words of a client…

Do you really need a case study?

“As owners of a raw dog food distribution business, we hear customer success stories a lot and some are very impactful. But we are caught up in the day to day of operating the business. Our strength isn’t in capturing those stories and using them effectively to help other potential customers.

Gwen’s ability to work with the customer in capturing their stories will be invaluable to others thinking of switching from kibble to raw.

Having a case study carries a certain gravitas that is missing in the digital review space where characters are limited.

We expect the case study will help potential customers weigh the potential benefits of raw feeding and be the first link in establishing the trusting relationship our business is built on.”

Joy Monsma, Owner, Grand Dog Essentials


Gwen made the process of getting a case study done very easy. Our customers matter to us, so passing them to someone outside our business to share their experience was a little nerve wracking.

We have worked really hard to build trust and we know who we partner with is extremely important. Our partners must reflect our standards of excellence and service.

Joy Monsma

Owner, Grand Dog Essentials

When we work together…

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before, here’s a brief overview of how it will work.


We start your project on a strong footing

We start with filling out a brief that puts you and I on the same page.

For website copy, I ask you to also gather any data (reviews, chat records) that reveal your customer’s needs and pain points.

I supplement with my own research and one or more conversations with you to get everything off to the best start.

Do what you love while I write your copy

I craft a polished first draft of your website copy – this takes 3 to 4 weeks depending on the number of pages or sections you require.

With case studies the timeline is similar because of how long it takes to complete the interview and review the copy with your customer.

Review and upload your new copy

Even a polished draft of web copy is never perfect. The good news? Ask for any revisions until you’re 100% happy.

The caveat? I offer this revision period for 30 days only, to encourage timely feedback. It also presumes there is no substantial shift in direction.

With case studies, you review the copy after your customer approves it.

Well, hello there! I’m Gwen.

I’ve been writing professionally for 15+ years because I like nothing better than helping people solve problems with the right words.

I gained much of this experience in PR. I spent a long time doing media relations and public awareness before I figured out that copywriting, which I loved, was something I could do full time.

Now I’d love to help you attract your ideal clients with copy that makes you shine.

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